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My Travel Management (MTM) is a Rich Internet Application developed by ViaTecla Software using Silverlight technology and applied to the tourism industry.
Aviation search process is based on multiple human-machine interactions based on textual information (commonly organized in extensive textual listings). This interaction is non-intuitive, prone to error and commonly prevents reaching the most suitable flight for the selected search criteria, at least quickly, since information is static and non-interactive.
My Travel Management presents a suitable solution for this problem summarizing all relevant aviation data in a graphical and intuitive way. Through My Travel Management, users can quickly correlate multiple flight parameters such as price, duration, departure / arrival times, flight routes and airlines. Further, by restricting such parameters (as a data filter) to a limited data set and composing them together, users can quickly and easily find the most suitable flight according to multiple criteria.
All data displayed in My Travel Management is real and is provided from KEYforTravel operational environment, namely from KEYforTravel’s aviation connectors.